Release date: April 26, 2024
Genre: Action, Anime, Open World, 3rd Person
Developer: ILCA, Inc.
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Platform: PC
Publication type: License
Interface language: English, Multi12
Voice language: English, Japanese
Tablet: Present (FLT)

Description: SAND LAND is an action role-playing game based on the manga of the same name, where you can get to know your favorite characters better and join their crazy journeys through distant lands. Welcome to a world where water is the most valuable resource and people and demons are ready to do any tricks for it. As the charming Beelzebub, the devil prince, you will lead a motley squad in search of a legendary source, lost somewhere in the deserts. Will the legend turn out to be true or is it just an invention of the city’s crazy people?

In front of you is an open world where hundreds of secrets and treasures are hidden. SAND LAND captivates with its unlimited freedom of action, where players can independently decide in which direction to move and whether to focus their attention on the story campaign or secondary tasks.

Meet colorful characters and add new heroes to your squad. Use the unique abilities of each character in intense battles and take part in spectacular battles. Test your newly acquired abilities and experiment with combinations to achieve the desired result and deal with your opponents in the shortest possible time.

System requirements:
OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G / Intel Core i5-9400F
Video card: AMD Radeon RX 590 / Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060
DirectX: versions 12
Disk space: 20 GB

1. Mount the image
2. Install
3. Copy the tablet from the FLT folder (on the image) to the folder where the game is installed
4. Play

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