Name: Rauniot
Release date: April 17, 2024
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Logic, Point & Click
Developer: Act Normal Games
Publisher: Act Normal Games
Platform: PC
Publication type: License
Interface language: Russian, English, Multi9
Voice language: Finnish
Tablet: Not required (DRM-free from GOG)

Description: Rauniot is an isometric quest in a post-apocalyptic setting, in which you will find classic elements of the genre and many intriguing puzzles. The game’s plot takes place against the backdrop of the beautiful landscapes of northern Finland.

In 1975, a natural disaster dealt our civilization a blow from which it could no longer recover. Massive conflicts, wars and uprisings followed.

Most of the continents were flooded with water. The remaining landmass is poisoned by nuclear power plants and warheads. Few managed to survive this terrible time. Children are born with mutations or die, taking their mothers with them. Grief-stricken fathers eke out a miserable existence, forced to eat their own kind due to lack of food. People and nature itself are trying to survive and find balance in this crazy world.

And yet, even in these conditions, someone manages, if not to become friends, then at least to trust each other enough to unite in groups for the sake of protection, food, water, medicine, electricity and knowledge. Aino is lucky to be part of such a group. But in this world, even such a life cannot be called easy. In order not to be an outcast, you need to give your all during dangerous journeys and missions.

System requirements:
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel i7 3.50 GHz or equivalent
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 or equivalent
DirectX: versions 9.0c
Disk space: 10 GB

Game Features:
THE WORLD AROUND. Over 70 detailed scenes.
PUZZLES. Lots of riddles of varying degrees of difficulty.
CHOICE. Variable riddles in different orders.
ATMOSPHERE. A unique atmosphere of Finnish melancholy.
NOTEBOOK. An informative notebook with notes of your adventure.


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